About us

Who are the decision makers?

Ms. Niamh Collier-Smith is the UNDP Bhutan Deputy Resident Representative and the Resident Representative a.i.

UNDP's work is divided into four broad portfolios (thematic areas) led by portfolio managers, which are:

1. Climate Change Mitigation and Energy - headed by Mr. Nawaraj Chhetri (nawaraj.chhetri@undp.org)

2. Economic Integration and Innovation - headed by Mr. Jigme Dorji (jigme.dorji@undp.org)

3. Inclusive Governance - headed by Mr. Namgay Wangchuk (namgay.wangchuk@undp.org)

4. Climate Change Adaptation & Disaster Risk Reduction - headed by Mr. Chimi Rinzin (chimi.rinzin@undp.org)

How many are we?

Total staff strength: 34


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