National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) II

About the project

The project builds capacities at community, local and national levels to prepare for and respond to climate-induced hazards, and thereby reducing potential casualties and loss of infrastructure, livelihoods and assets.

The project addresses immediate and urgent needs prioritized through the 2012 National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA).

Project Objective

  1. To enhance national, local and community capacity to respond to climate-induced multi-hazards,  reducing potential loss of human lives, economic infrastructure, livelihoods and assets.

UNDAF Outcomes and Outputs

UNDAF Outcome 1: By 2018, sustainable and green economic growth that is equitable, inclusive, climate and disaster resilient and promotes poverty reduction, and employment opportunities particularly for vulnerable groups enhanced.

UNDAF Output 1.1: Policies and studies for integrated natural resource management, climate change adaptation/ mitigation and poverty-environment nexus developed.

UNDAF Output 1.2:  National and local institutions and individuals are better prepared and able to respond to and reduce climate change-induced and other disaster risks.

NAPA II: Implementing Bhutan's National Adaptation Programme of Action. Read more...

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