HCFC Phase-out Management Plan

About the project

The Hydrocholorflouro (HCFC) Phase out Management Plan (HPMP) was prepared to protect the ozone layer and aids Bhutan in meeting its obligations under the Montreal Protocol Bhutan to phase out HCFCs by 2025. The plan has been successful in imposing a ban on the import of all HCFC-based equipment in 2013, In order to achieve Bhutan’s targets

UNDP works closely with the government to train and support service technicians and Technical Training Institutes with equipment for the implementation of a recovery and reuse programme to reclaim refrigerants. UNDP also collaborates with Bhutan on a retrofit incentive programme that provides incentives to end users to retrofit their equipment to with non-HCFC alternatives.

Project Objectives

  1. Implement projects in line with the overall strategy and implementation plan of the HPMP to phase out HCFCs in Bhutan by 2025

UNDAF Outcomes and Outputs

UNDAF Outcome 1: By 2018, sustainable and green economic growth that is equitable, inclusive, climate and disaster resilient and promotes poverty reduction and employment opportunities particularly for vulnerable groups enhanced.

UNDAF Output 1.1: Policies and studies for integrated natural resource management, climate change adaptation/mitigation and poverty-environment nexus developed.  

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