Developing capacity of national agencies to prevent corruption, strengthen internal control & audit mechanisms

About the project

The key accountability institutions of the government are the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Office of the Attorney General (OAF) and the Royal Audit Authority (RAA).

UNDP has supported capacity building for all three organizations over the UNDAF (2008-2013) period. However, with the introduction of democracy the roles of these institutions have become increasingly crucial and pertinent. The Anti-Corruption Act, Anti-Corruption Strategy, Audit Act and Auditing Guidelines, Prosecution Rules and Procedures, etc, were developed and put in place to ensure accountability with the support of UNDP.

Currently, the focus is on partnering with the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and the RAA to support the implementation of key national guidelines and policies for transparent and accountable policy making and implementation which are outlined in the following sections.

Project outline

In 2013, the focus is the finalization of the National Internal Control Framework (NICF), developed by the Ministry of Finance (MoF), and the Public Resource Management Accountability Index (PRMAI), led by the Royal Audit Authority to consolidate and implement consistent ways of monitoring public administration and financing. Training is also planned to develop risk management capacity and support for the implementation of the NICF.

On the development of a public resource management index and its implementation, UNDP supports the RAA on the development of a set of audit guidelines. The adoption and implementation of these guidelines will continue to be monitored in 2013.

For 2013, a human resources assessment of RAA is supported with the aim of identifying needs and gaps for the implementation of the public resource management index and audit guidelines. Training of officials is planned to facilitate the implementation of the PRMAI.


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