Increasing participation of women in local governance

About the project

The participation of Bhutanese women at the local government, particularly at the decision making level is minimal. During the local government elections in 2011/2012, only 1 of 205 block leaders and 12 of 205 deputy block leaders elected were women. However, the participation of women in local village meetings far exceeded men although effective participation still is an issue.

Keeping these issues in mind, since 2012 the UN Women in collaboration with UNDP and other development partners have launched nationwide gender sensitization and awareness programmes. In addition, gender sensitization campaigns both at the national level as well as the local level were carried out in 2012.

More programmes are planned in 2013 as outlined below together with the Department of Local Governance (DLG) under the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs, and in collaboration with the National Commission of Women and Children (NCWC).

Project outline

Different activities focussing on increasing participation of women in local governance have been planned for 2013.

UNDP will continue to support the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) in developing training modules for leadership and political participation for women. Regional trainings for the Vocational and Educational Trainees, Non Formal Education graduates and in-country training for school drop outs on leadership and political participation are also included in the project.

Support and assistance will also be awarded for gender mainstreaming guidelines to be incorporated into the existing Local Development Planning Manual. Additionally, regional trainings on the application of gender mainstreaming guidelines at the local level will also be reinforced in order to train relevant stakeholders on gender and local development.


Amount (USD)
UN Women
$ 185, 000

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