Establishment of independent Think Tank for policy research & analysis

About the project

The Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) is an autonomous public higher education institution. A key mandate of the university is “to promote and conduct research, contribute to the creation of knowledge in an international context and to promote the transfer of knowledge of relevance to Bhutan”.

As an autonomous knowledge institution, the RUB is poised to become a leading research institute in Bhutan’s knowledge-based society and fortunately, the policy environment for the university to take on this role is conducive. In fact, the government expects that RUB should “work towards initiating key policy debates and formulation of government policies in future” providing ample political will and support.

To do this, RUB’s goal is to engage in the production and dissemination of authentic research-based knowledge that provides alternative perspectives to development policies in Bhutan and beyond engaging the educated youth.  A research institute established as an integral part of the RUB is an ideal response to this situation. Such an institution will act as a bridge among the government, business, industry, academia, civil society organizations, journalists and other opinion makers in Bhutan.

UNDP is collaborating with RUB to set up an Independent Think Tank for policy research and analysis which is now called Institute for GNH Studies (INGHS). The proposed project activities during 2013 are described below.

Project Outline

The project is covered under the UNDAF Outcome 3 which ensures the capacity of key institutions to support Parliamentary democracy are strengthened. The project aims to:

  • Provide technical support to build capacity to manage the Think Tank
  • Conduct research studies on key policy issues and disseminate the findings
  • Publicize the Think Tank
  • Establish Centre of Excellence on Women’s Political Leadership and Governance with support from UN Women


Donors Amount (USD)
UNDP $ 48, 000
UN Women $ 70, 000

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