Local Governance Support Programme (LGSP)

Project Summary

  Voters line up at the polls during 2011 Local Government Elections. Photo Sonam Tsoki Tenzin © UNDP Bhutan

The LGSP aims at ensuring good governance by strengthening institutional capacity and people's participation and by contributing towards improved service delivery for poverty reduction and realizing the MDGs. It also aims at effective and transparent financing mechanisms for local government service delivery.

In Bhutan, there has been a positive move towards decentralization and with the transition to a constitutional democracy in 2008, the Constitution as well as the newly approved Local Government Act of Bhutan 2009 provides for further power and authority to be given to decentralized bodies and elected representatives at local level.

The joint LGSP is the flagship programme in being the first sector approach programme with the government.The LGSP harmonized support will be provided to establish an effective local governance system in Bhutan.

It will provide a strategic platform for government to leverage financial support to improve local level infrastructure and services and build up mechanisms where other funding partners can pool funds to finance local government grants nationally and coordinate and program other inputs to support decentralization in Bhutan such as capacity development, logistics, technical cooperation and M&E support.

Development partners working in the area of decentralization and local governance including UNDP, UNCDF, Denmark, Austria, and SDC and EU are taking initiative towards greater harmonization and alignment to support this very positive but challenging move towards greater decentralization.

Expected results

  • Institutional capacity and people’s participation strengthened to ensure good governance
  • Strengthened capacity of local governments to plan, implement and monitor their development progress in pursuit of poverty reduction and realization of the MDGs.
  • Increased and effective participation of women in particular, and communities in general, in decision making and in development activities
  • Local capacity for development and financial management enhanced through annual grants and integrated approach at gewog level.


Donors Amount (USD)
UNDP 98, 500
UNICEF 61, 000

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