Youth Employment and Innovation

About the project

The project promotes sustainable employment opportunities for youth, women and other vulnerable groups by identifying alternative income opportunities for the underemployed and rural poor. The Youth Employment and Innovation project provides skills development in order to narrow the skills deficit among Bhutanese youth. The project also helps income generation for women and other vulnerable groups and promotes learning opportunities for physically challenged children. Lastly, youth employment is boosted by supporting research for evidence-based policy making on the issue.

Project Objectives

  1. To strengthen evidence-based policy making for youth unemployment, and to improve opportunities for employment and income generation for vulnerable groups.

UNDAF Outcomes and Outputs

UNDAF Outcome 1: By 2018, sustainable and green economic growth that is equitable, inclusive, climate and disaster resilient and promotes poverty reduction, and employment opportunities particularly for vulnerable groups enhanced.

UNDAF Output 1.5: Youth, women and other vulnerable groups have access to sustainable employment with a focus on cottage, small and micro enterprises in line with the RGOB’s commitment to a green economy.

UNDAF Output 1.6: The rural poor and under-employed have access to alternative income generation opportunities.

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