Income generation through traditional crafts and textiles

About the project

The Income Generation and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project improves income opportunities for textile workers. The project improves textile production capacity, strategic marketing and product quality and works to create new markets for the improved products.

Project Objectives

  1. To scale up income generation activities in the textile sector in both urban and rural areas to address underemployment and youth unemployment

UNDAF Outcomes and Outputs

UNDAF Outcome 1: By 2018, sustainable and green economic growth that is equitable, inclusive, climate and disaster resilient and promotes poverty reduction, and employment opportunities particularly for vulnerable groups enhanced.

UNDAF Output 1.3: Increased domestic and external trade and industry opportunities that are pro-poor and gender responsive.

UNDAF Output 1.6: The rural poor and under-employed have access to alternative income generation opportunities.

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