Bhutan sustainable rural biomass enery project

About the project

cookstoveTesting of the energy efficient stoves. Photo Sonam Tsoki Tenzin © UNDP Bhutan

Bhutan has one of the highest per capita consumption of fuel wood in the world at almost 1.3 tonnes per person.The SRBE Project was initiated to reduce the annual biomass/ fuel wood consumption and GHG emissions in Bhutan. Close to 70% of Bhutanese who live in rural areas use fuel wood as a main source of energy. The SRBE Project proposes to reduce the annual natural energy consumption and GHG emissions through the promotion and dissemination of efficient cook stoves (including the delivery of 20,000 energy efficient stoves) in the rural areas of Bhutan, and the implementation of demonstration biomass energy technologies in relevant industries.

Expected results:

  • Implementation of strengthened support policies and regulatory frameworks, and institutional capacity for production, conversion, and use of biomass resources in Bhutan.
  • Implementation of BET applications due to improved confidence in their feasibility, environmental and economic benefits through demonstration projects, market mechanisms, and increased private
    sector participation.
  • Improved knowledge, awareness, and capacities of the stakeholders on the benefits and market opportunities for modern biomass energy technologies.


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Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC)
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation
Poverty Environment Initiatives  

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