GEF-SGP Projects in Bhutan

 Monastic body based in Sangchen Chokor, Bhutan take up tree planting to prevent deforestation in their community.

GEF-SGP support is geared towards developing rural communitys, and ensuring long term benefit for these communities through small grants. In Bhutan, GEF-SGP supports over fifty small projects that make a difference to the people of rural Bhutan.

  1. Yenangla water catchment rehabilitation and forest fire management, Trashigang
  2. Agricultural landscape protection and management, Trashigang
  3. Integrated  landscape management, Trashigang
  4. Reducing waste and impact on environment through recycle and reuse of shoes, Thimphu
  5. Sustainable use of hemp resources for youth employment and rural income generation, Mongar
  6. Pho Chu catchment protection and land reclamation, Lunana
  7. Rehabilitation of Phakchu tsho (lake) and promotion of fuel efficient cook stoves, Tashi Yangtse 
  8. Rehabilitation of Luetsho Kha Lake, Wangduephodrang
  9. Community based conservation and sustainable use of traditional piggery, Samdrupjongkhar
  10. Promoting traditional tea making through conservation and sustainable use of local resources, Tashi Yangtse 
  11. Providing employment to recovering youth and reduction of urban waste through manufacturing of egg trays, Thimphu
  12. Land rehabilitation and water source protection, Tsirang
  13. Protection of agricultural land through riverbank management and plantation, Samtse
  14. Reduction of environment pressure from over grazing and  extraction of natural resources, Multiple project sites
  15. Drinking Water Resources Management through formation of User Groups, Trongsa
  16. Enhancing local stewardship of alpine ecosystems through incentive-based bio-cultural diversity conservation, Dagala
  17. Reducing emission through improved cook stoves and rain water harvesting, Mongar 
  18. Reducing emission and conflict with protected areas through use of environment friendly water heating and cooking systems, Zhemgang
  19. Prototype micro-grid as platform for education, training and research, Phuensholing
  20. Strengthening Nublang Conservation, Haa
  21. Sustainable rangeland management and reducing pressure on environment, Multiple project sites 
  22. Halting loss of agricultural land  to flash floods and erosion, Trashigang
  23. Water sources protection and rehabilitation of degraded land, Trashigang
  24. Land rehabilitation and erosion control, Trashigang
  25. Sustainable water resources management, Trashigang
  26. Institutional based natural resource management to combat climate change, Pemagatshel
  27. Protection of Mungling lake and environment conservation, Tashi Yangtse 
  28. Niddupchu watershed management and development of environment friendly cooking facilities, Punakha
  29. Environment conservation and reduction of fuel wood consumption, Pemagatshel
  30. Water source protection and reduction of fuel wood consumption, Trashigang
  31. Reduction of fuel wood consumption and protection of community water sources and environment, Tashi Yangtse
  32. Community water management and use of fallow agriculture land for sustainable livelihood, Lhuentse
  33. Water source protection and reduction of fuel wood consumption, Thimphu
  34. Strengthening rural livelihood and resilience to climate change, Dagala
  35. Protection of Ani Choeten Zangmo Drupchu and surrounding biodiversity, Mongar
  36. CC mitigation through reduced use of fuel wood and waste management, Samdrup Jongkhar
  37. Alleviating rural poverty through mitigation of Human Wildlife Conflict, Sarpang
  38. Reducing fuel wood consumption and waste management, Paro
  39. Establishment of community orchid conservation and propagation center, Chukha
  40. Community forests establishment and land management, Tsirang
  41. Protection of Peling Tsho, Pemagatshel
  42. Community based land management at Yangmalashing, Pemagatshel
  43. Community forests and water resources management project,  Pemagatshel
  44. Bio-gas and degraded land management project, Wangduephodrang
  45. Sustainable land management and water source protection project, Mongar
  46. Protection of White Bellied Heron, Punakha
  47. Piloting of Gravity Ropeway as an environment-friendly, sustainable and cheap rural transportation, Samtse
  48. Sustainable rangeland management at Shytimi, Trashigang 
  49. Improving livelihoods and environment through preservation and development of traditional mills and grinders, Bumthang 
  50. Environment conservation and critical watershed management, Chukha
  51. Bio-gas and water source protection project, Samdrupjongkhar
  52. Environmental conservation and rural livelihood enhancement through  diary development initiatives, Wangduephodrang
  53. Reducing fuel wood consumption by replacing traditional stoves with bulk electric cookers and solar water heating system, Trashigang
  54. Promotion of biodiversity conservation and economic opportunities among women through community based medicinal herb cultivation, Zhemgang
  55. Upscaling of local bee keeping in Dovan village, Sarpang
  56. Securing livelihood strategies of semi-nomadic yak herders of Naro Geog through sustainable environment conservation and development, Thimphu
  57. Community based environmental conservation through sustainable land and irrigation water usage, Lhuentse
  58. Sustainable land reclamation  and rehabilitation Project, Haa

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