Civic Engagement & Accountability

About the project

By enabling participation at local levels, the Civic Engagement and Accountability project ensures that citizens, civil society and media contribute to decision-making with focus on women and youth. 

The project makes the state better responsive for effective public decision-making and consultative policy-making. This is done by using innovative ICT based services and platforms and feedback and information sharing mechanisms. 

Project Objectives

  1. To strengthen the state in fostering and consolidating democratic development.
  2. To facilitate inclusive, democratic dialogue and decision making.
  3. To ensure women and youth meaningfully participate in the democratic process.

UNDAF Outcomes and outputs

UNDAF Outcome 4: By 2018, governance institutions and communities exercise the principles of democratic governance at the national and local levels with a focus on inclusiveness, transparency, accountability and evidence-based decision-making.

UNDAF Output 4.3: Women and youth have increased opportunities to participate in leadership as well as in policy making, planning, and implementation of development plans.

UNDAF Output 4.4: Media and CSOs are better able to promote the participation of people, in particular youth, in democratic processes, public dialogue and discourse.

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