Women's Participation and Empowerment

About the Project

UNDP in Bhutan supports the coordination and implementation of efforts by Government and civil society. UNDP supports research and studies to build a knowledge base on gender and increase gender-sensitive policy measures. A particular priority is increasing women’s representation in decision-making. The government’s knowledge and capacity to successfully implement gender response planning and budgeting is also supported.

Project Objectives

1.      To promote women's participation in politics and governance

2.      To reduce and prevent gender-based violence against girls and women

3.      To ensure that policy making and implementation is inclusive of gender concerns

UNDAF Outcomes and Outputs

UNDAF Outcome 3: By 2018, communities and institutions strengthened at all levels to achieve enhanced gender equality, empowerment and protection of women and children.

UNDAF Output 3.1: Strengthened legal and policy environment to advance the rights and protection of women and children.

UNDAF Output 3.2: Gender mainstreaming in key ministries, autonomous bodies, non-governmental organization with recourse gender mainstreaming strategies.

UNDAF Output 3.3: Boys, men and women have increased awareness of and positive attitudes preventing and eliminating gender-based violence.

UNDAF Outcome 4: By 2018, governance institutions and communities exercise the principles of democratic governance at the national and local levels with a focus on inclusiveness, transparency, accountability and evidence-based decision-making.

UNDAF Output 4.1: Key national and local institutions strengthen systems for effective public finance management and integrated monitoring of plans and programmes, evidence-based decision making based on harmonized national statistics and information.

UNDAF Output 4.3: Women and youth have increased opportunities to participate in leadership as well as in policy making, planning, and implementation of development plans.

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