Support for Social Protection

About the project

The goals of Social Protection (SP) and the Millennium Development Goals are closely interlinked as social protection measures and safety nets are the key elements for reducing and eradicating poverty.

In Bhutan, social protection is gaining importance in the light of increasing risks and vulnerabilities due to rapid economic growth, urbanization, climate induced and natural disasters and also economic crisis among other factors. Complementing the Royal Welfare Office are few NGOs who are implementing SP programs and addressing emerging SP issues and concern.

In 2012, a first of its kind stakeholder’s consultation workshop on social protection was conducted to take stock and reflect on the existing social protection in Bhutan. UNDP supported the capacity building of all NGOs in implementation of social protection programmes through workshops, trainings and provision of office supplies.

Project Outline

The project will support institutional capacity development for further efficient delivery of social protection services as well as increased awareness of social protection among government agencies, civil society organizations and relevant stakeholders through policy advocacy and training.

As a pilot activity, the project will support 2 NGOs in providing Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) to children and youths with special needs to support their vocational skills for livelihood and to vulnerable girls from remote communities to continue their education.

The Social Protection Policy is in the draft stage and currently UNDP is working with the GNHC on the draft in ensuring the policy encompasses all components of social protection.


Donor Amount (USD)
UNDP $ 45,057

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