Inclusive Governance and Access to Justice

We are focused on addressing inequality with weak civil society and young judicial and legislative institutions. We are supporting the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the Royal Government in Bhutan in their efforts to provide equal opportunities for all, particularly those at most risk of being left behind, while strengthening the capacities of women and vulnerable groups. It will do so through a mixture of technical support, capacity development, research and advocacy such that, by 2023:

(1) National and local government capacity to integrate, monitor and report on Sustainable Development Goals and priority actions to meet international agreements is improved. (2) The enabling environment for civil society to help advance opportunities for and increase resilience of targeted vulnerable groups has improved; as have the capacities of vulnerable groups to have their voices heard and acted on; (3) Parliament and justice sector capacities and approaches are strengthened with increased inclusion, transparency and accountability.


Supporting the Government of Bhutan in providing equal opportunities for all and ensuring no one is left behind more

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