Sharing Benefits: Unlocking potential to preserve & protect nature in Bhutan

Apr 11, 2017

To promote community benefits through sustainable use of genetic resources from Bhutan’s pristine biodiversity, UNDP, Nagoya Protocol Implementation Fund and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) have joined hands to support the Access Benefit Sharing project.  

Implemented by the National Biodiversity Centre (NBC), Menjong Sorig Pharmaceuticals and Bio Bhutan, the project ensures a fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from using genetic resources. Bhutan’s rich biodiversity includes some 200 species of medicinal plants linked to a rich culture and natural heritage that has created a vibrant tradition of sustainably using local ecosystems’ genetic resources and preserving vast traditional knowledge.

The project has created widespread awareness on Access Benefit Sharing with over 11,042 participants including farmers in 133 gewogs and over 200 officers/researchers in regional and national organisations, parliamentarians, academicians, and business people.

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