climate change and livelihood

Four interlinked solutions

In the area of environment, we are focused on advancing a climate-resilient, green and job-rich economy to continue poverty reduction with four interlinked solutions pathways identified to help Bhutan’s communities and its economy become more resilient to climate-induced disasters and biodiversity loss. We are addressing this challenge through a combination of upstream technical assistance, capacity development, community engagement, innovative finance, experimentation, and research.

By 2030, more solutions are in place to enable people to benefit from conservation and sustainable management of natural resources, with reduced environmental and health risks; Bhutan capitalizes on access to green finance as a least developed country, while national policies increasingly foster innovative financing, and nature-based solutions lead to more entrepreneurship, and more resilient agricultural livelihoods; Green House Gas emissions of identified sectors are well-managed; Data and evidence-based analysis and tools enable gender-sensitive, risk-informed disaster prevention and preparedness.



is forest area with with trees taller than 5 metres and a canopy cover of more than 10 percent.


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