About us

Our Vision

UNDP Bhutan is employing innovation, building new partnerships, and using its extensive global expertise and technical and financial assistance to work with the Royal Government and people of Bhutan, to reduce inequality, build resilience and empower the disadvantaged, to achieve Gross National Happiness and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

UNDP has been supporting the government in its development programmes since 1973, tapping into a global network of nearly 170 country offices, to harness expertise and knowledge. Our mission is to alleviatee poverty, reduce inequality and exclusion, and drive sustainable growth, so people are empowered, and communities become more resilient. 

Our Work

  • Strengthening community resilience to climate change by improving livelihoods and protecting people from climate disasters
  • Providing innovative partnerships and expertise through UNDP’s global network of offices
  • Empowering people and improving their living standards through human development
  • Reinforcing equal, inclusive and sustainable progress in people’s lives, their needs, efforts and rights

Our Focus

Inclusive Governance and Access to Justice

UNDP continues to play a key role in enabling Bhutan to advance good governance, a pillar of the Gross National Happiness philosophy, and to make great strides in gender equality. We are supporting Bhutan implement its 12th Five-Year Plan and integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into the plan. The objective is to strengthen inclusive, democratic governance, and end gender-based violence. In partnership with the Royal Government we are working to increase civic engagement, supporting youth-led social innovation and entrepreneurship, and helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Environment, Climate Change & Livelihood 

Building resilience of communities to combat risks from climate change is at the heart of UNDP’s partnership with Bhutan. From disaster risk reduction to strengthening disaster-resilient construction practices and water security, UNDP supports projects that promote sustainable land management, climate-smart agriculture and help build sustainable livelihoods for local communities. Helping Bhutan maintain its carbon neutral goal is another priority. Through its projects, UNDP promotes inclusive, gender-responsive climate actions, low-emission transportation and sustainable waste management practices. 

Our Milestones

  • 1979: Supported Bhutan’s 1st National Airline
  • 1986: Supported Kuensel as a weekly national newspaper
  • 1989: Developed Bhutan’s Telecommunications Master Plan   
  • 1996: Supported the establishment of Bhutan’s Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation
  • 2006: Supported the establishment of the Anti-Corruption Commission
  • 2006: Formulated the National Disaster Risk Management Framework 
  • 2008: Launched the Glacial Lake Outburst Floods Project in Punakha & Wangdue 
  • 2008: Developed a Community Micro Hydro for Sustainable Livelihood Project
  • 2009: Provided emergency assistance after Cyclone Aila floods & earthquake in Eastern Bhutan
  • 2011: Provided emergency assistance after the 2011 earthquake.
  • 2012: Launched Bhutan’s Human Development Report on Rising to the Climate Challenge
  • 2012: Launched the Bhutan Sustainable Rural Biomass Energy Project
  • 2014: Launched the 2nd National Adaptation Programme of Action on Disaster Risk Reduction 
  • 2016: Launched Bhutan’s 1st Vulnerability Baseline Assessment
  • 2017: Launched the 3rd National Adaptation Programme of Action on Climate Resilience   
  • 2018: Launched Bhutan’s 1st Justice Sector Strategy
  • 2018: Launched Bhutan’s Voluntary National Review Report on the Implementation of the SDGs
  • 2018: Launched the Bhutan Sustainable Low-Emission Urban Transport Project
  • 2019: Launched the Violence Against Women Study and related pilot project
  • 2019: Launched Bhutan’s Human Development Report on 10 Years of Democracy

Our Future

UNDP is committed to supporting Bhutan to achieve Gross National Happiness and the Sustainable Development Goals. Our mission is to bring about prosperity for all people and to protect the planet. 

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