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Changing the way we engage with citizens through public service delivery experimentations

In February 2021, the UNDP, Royal Civil Service Commission, Public Service Delivery Division with the Prime Minister's Office and Gross National Happiness Commission embarked on a journey to bring…  

For an innovative public sector

Bhutan’s public sector is a major employer and occupies a substantial source for investments and procurements with its expenditure accounting to more than 30 percent of the GDP. This suggests that the…  

Breaking the silos through participatory systems mapping: Youth employment and the future of work in Bhutan

This blog documents the collaboration between UNDP Bhutan and Dark Matter Labs in a three-month project investigating the systemic challenge of youth employment and the future of work in Bhutan.  

The value of water in Bhutan

A reflection on what ‘valuing water’ means in Bhutan’s context, immediate and long-term threats to water from climate change, and how UNDP is supporting Bhutan in tackling water challenges and to…  

Behavioral Insights- a Nudge towards circular economy

Tackling waste problem in Bhutan through a systemic approach  

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