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Towards a climate resilient water sector

For resilient and sustainable economic well-being of the people of Bhutan  

Low Emission Development Strategy for Human Settlements

The broad objective of the LEDS for human settlements (HS) is to provide an overarching framework for low emission development in the human settlement sector. In this respect, the 2017 LEDS has now…  

Low Emission Development Strategy for Food Security

GHG emissions from the agriculture and livestock sector have historically been a significant contributor to Bhutan’s total national greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The GHG inventory of the Third…  

Low Emission Development Strategy for Industries

This LEDS identifies relevant mitigation measures with estimated marginal abatement costs and recommends the establishment of a revolving fund mechanism to provide favourable financial packages to…  

Second Nationally Determined Contributions

The Second NDC from Bhutan reaffirms the carbon neutral commitment and integrates enhanced actions and targets in key sectors through low emission development strategies and other programmes and…  

Bhutan launches 2nd Nationally Determined Contributions ahead of COP26

Informed by low-emission development strategies, Bhutan’s 2nd NDCs is ambitious and sets clear carbon reduction targets in priority areas of transport, industry, agriculture, human settlement, forest…  

Constructing stronger, safer homes in disaster-prone Bhutan

Enhancing Bhutan's capacity in building homes that can withstand disasters.  

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