Bhutanese youth working for a BPO at the Thimphu TechPark

Digital Jobs Creation Challenge: For the young people in support of COVID-19 recovery

Are you an enterprising, motivated, and digitally skilled person, between 18-35 years of age, willing to self-employ or create jobs for others? Are you facing financial or technological challenges to achieve your ambition? Share us your idea on how you would be able to self-employ, freelance or create jobs.

Apply for the Digital Jobs Challenge and be one of the 20 to win an award up to USD 2,000 in the form of hardware or software, or paid scholarship for upskilling for programmers through international certification programme. The challenge is supported by Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoHLR), Gross National Happiness Commission (GNHC), Thimphu Techpark Limited and UNDP Bhutan.




The Digital Jobs in Bhutan Report states that attracting global talent and investors in small and medium-sized Business Process Outsources (BPOs) and ITOs is the way forward for demand creation in ICT jobs. Supporting homegrown BPO and ITOs for long term sustainability is the next step.  To build a strong homegrown ICT sector in the country, it is important that young people gain experience working in the ICT and ICT-related sectors. It is also vital to support young people with digital skills to find employment.

UNDP has been operating the ‘Innovation and technology platform responding to COVID-19. As part of this initiative, UNDP in partnership with MoLHR, GNHC and Thimphu Techpark  responds to the urgent need of digitally skilled young people who have remained unemployed.  The challenge solicits ideas from the youth and will support proposals that have the potential for creating job/s for applicant/s.


What is the objective?

1.        Aims to support young people by giving them access to required IT equipment - both hardware and software - to enable them to be employed in Bhutan or beyond. 

2.        Aims to offer scholarships for upskilling for programmers through international certification  programmes, that have the potential to link young people to employment.


Who is eligible?

Any young person falling within the age group of 18-35 years is eligible to compete. They must meet the following conditions:

1.      Must have job ready digital skills with potential for immediate employment or income or job creation

2.      Have a proven record of financial challenges that prevent the applicant from upskilling and securing required hard and/or software to be employed or create job.


How do I apply?

 Interested applicants must apply using:

1.      The online Google application form, click HERE  


2.      To apply through a 3-minute video application, prepare a video answering key questions asked in the online Google application form and email it to or by 8 December 2021  



3 December 2021: Launch challenge 

8 December 2021: Deadline for applications

13- 15 December 2021: Declaration of winners  


Selection criteria

Submitted proposals will be assessed against the following criteria:

1.      Viability (15)

2.      Innovation (10)

3.      Individual capability (10)

4.       Results management (15)


Who are the judges?

The jury is composed of officials from MoLHR, GNHC, Thimphu Techpark, UNDP, and local innovators in the digital industry.


What do I win?

Top 20 proposals will be selected to win a prize of up to 2000 USD each either in the form of hardware or software or scholarship for upskilling. 


For any further queries, reach us at  or


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