Panel on Tapping Potentials: Youth and Young Parliamentarians

From education to employment, technology and culture, social media, cultural identity and values, climate change and politics, the youth and young Members of Parliament (MPs) discussed a wide range of issues concerning Bhutan's growing young population.

The dialogue between the Youth and Young Parliamentarians, a first of its kind, was an initiative of the Parliament of Bhutan in collaboration with UNDP Bhutan and the Bhutan Youth Development Fund (YDF).

Held at the YDF Hall in Thimphu, it was organised coincidng with the International Youth Day 2019. It was also to mark the 130th Anniversary of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) of which the Parliament of Bhutan is a member.

More than half of Bhutan's population are below the age of 28 and these young people have enormous potential to contribute to the country's development. As elected representatives of the people, MPs can play a key role in helping to unlock and harness the potential of the youth to help them become drivers of change. This dialogue was conceived to provide a platform for the youth and parliamentarians to come together to discuss a way forward.

"UNDP is a strong believer of many positive benefits of working with young people. For Bhutan to thrive, we must tap into this young segment of the society," UNDP Resident Representative, Azusa Kubota, said.

The event is expected to be a stepping stone to establishing regular interactions among the youth and MPs for a better future of Bhutan.

"I sincerely hope that this is the beginning of a sustained and constructive dialogue between the Parliament and youth of Bhutan, and there will be a concrete plan to take this forward through innovative mechanisms," Ms. Kubota said. 

"UNDP, together with our UN sister agencies, remains committed to supporting the young people realize their potential, as well as rights and responsibilities as a GNH citizen."

UNDP works closely with the Parliament of Bhutan to enhance the Parliament's capacity and inclusiveness to deliver on the Sustianable Development Goals (SDGs) and national development priorities. UNDP's support to the dailogue is part of our commitment and it is well aligned with the Parliament’s aspiration for responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative governance.

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